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Dec 01 2023
Introducing the City War system! Challenge guilds, select your battle cities, and engage in combat without death penalties or earning frags. For more details, visit the City Wars page.
Oct 11 2023
Now we offer support for 4 in-game languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. The displayed language will be based on the country flag associated with your account. You can change your country flag in the account panel on the website.
Oct 02 2023
Now the effects of the experience potion will not disappear if you log out: they will last until the end time of each potion.
Sep 27 2023
New boss available. Samurai Nightblade is the strongest monster in Netunia, offering exclusive loot and spawning once a day in Woodlands.
Sep 23 2023
Are you a veteran player? If your character is over 1 year old, you can take on the new quest on Utopia Island. Unlock the Epic Citizen Outfit and earn other rewards.
Hardcore character
Hardcore is a type of character that has different characteristics from the normal character.
This type of character is recommended for experienced or non-bot players.
We do not recommend playing with hardcore as your main character!

Positive characteristics:
4x more experience than the normal character.
Exclusive hardcore outfit.
Access to Carnage boss.
Exclusive highscore.

Negative characteristics:
Death to the hardcore character is fatal,
In case of death the character will return
to level 1, with 1 reset, with 1 of health and mana.

This death penalty is applied in all cases except for death in arena.
Can't access non-pvp and private spots.
Don't have pvp protection before reset 5.

How to become a hardcore?

You need to talk to the npc "Diehard" located in the Carlin depot, and have the following requirements:
1. You can't have any reset.
2. You can't have more than 5000 of health and mana.
Welcome, Franciis!
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