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Dec 01 2023
Introducing the City War system! Challenge guilds, select your battle cities, and engage in combat without death penalties or earning frags. For more details, visit the City Wars page.
Oct 11 2023
Now we offer support for 4 in-game languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. The displayed language will be based on the country flag associated with your account. You can change your country flag in the account panel on the website.
Oct 02 2023
Now the effects of the experience potion will not disappear if you log out: they will last until the end time of each potion.
Sep 27 2023
New boss available. Samurai Nightblade is the strongest monster in Netunia, offering exclusive loot and spawning once a day in Woodlands.
Sep 23 2023
Are you a veteran player? If your character is over 1 year old, you can take on the new quest on Utopia Island. Unlock the Epic Citizen Outfit and earn other rewards.
Dealer system

There's a super powerful Green Herb being used
in PVPs to strongly increase PVP damage.
Know all about the Dealer System,
or at least what I can tell about it.

1. Look for the NPC called Dealer. He randomly apears around every city. Each day a new Location
2. Buy the Green Herb Plant, you will also need: a Watering Pot, Scissors and a Smoking Pipe.

3. Fill your Watering Pot anywhere there's water, like rivers and fountains.
4. Go Home (to your own house) and grow your Green Herb Plant. You need to water it every 12 hours.
5. When your Green Herb Plant is grown, cut it with Scissors and put it in the Smoking Pipe.

Congrats! Now it's that time, smoke it and enjoy!


Dealer, he's a very eccentric guy. He accept PVP Tokens only as money.
There are many places you can find Dealer, it might be difficult sometimes.
Ask your friends or your guild for help.
He works each day in a new place, but he stays at the same location for 24 hours.

Green Herb Plant Growing

This special plant can be watered every 12 hours.
It's super powerful, but not everyone likes it. So it needs to be grown inside your own House.
It can only be watered and smoked by the people who bought it. You cannot sell or share it.
Green Herb effect lasts for 24 hours, until the next global save.

Green Herb Effect

Let's supose you're a Reset 280 then you'll have +840% of normal bonus on your PVP bonus.
So if you are a Reset 280 and use the Green Herb, like in this example,
Your PVP bonus will be 1260% in total, a huge increase!

Welcome, Franciis!
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