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Dec 01 2023
Introducing the City War system! Challenge guilds, select your battle cities, and engage in combat without death penalties or earning frags. For more details, visit the City Wars page.
Oct 11 2023
Now we offer support for 4 in-game languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. The displayed language will be based on the country flag associated with your account. You can change your country flag in the account panel on the website.
Oct 02 2023
Now the effects of the experience potion will not disappear if you log out: they will last until the end time of each potion.
Sep 27 2023
New boss available. Samurai Nightblade is the strongest monster in Netunia, offering exclusive loot and spawning once a day in Woodlands.
Sep 23 2023
Are you a veteran player? If your character is over 1 year old, you can take on the new quest on Utopia Island. Unlock the Epic Citizen Outfit and earn other rewards.
Setting your bot

1) Activating the Bot
First of all select the "cavebot_1.3". Next, turn on the bot using the Off/On button:

2) Healing HP/MP
HP Healing: First, go to the HP tab. Here, we'll set up a healing spell. For our example, we're using the spell "exura", which will trigger healing when HP drops below 90%.
Haste Spell: We've also set up a haste spell called "mega hur."
Make sure to activate the selected functions by clicking on them. Once activated, they will be highlighted in green:

3)Setting Up Attacking
You can target specific monsters or everything in sight. First, navigate to the Target tab.
For a specific monster, type its name like "Hydra". To attack everything, simply use an asterisk (*).

Found a char to attack? Great! In our example we'll use "Canob Guy" as the target.
Click on "Show target editor". Then, click "Add" to create the attacking rule. Configure Attack Types:
Blue Settings: Set this for target-specific spells, like your main attack spell. Red Settings: Use this for area spells, hitting multiple targets at once.

Caution! PvP Mode:
Watch out! With these settings, you might attack other players, getting yourself a skull mark. To avoid this, enable Anti RS by turning off PvP mode.
(Need help with turning off PvP? Check out Section 4 for detailed instructions.)

4)Anti RS (Player vs Player Mode)
To enable or disable PvP mode it's simple, just click on the corresponding icon.

PvP Mode ON: When PvP mode is activated, you'll see an icon of a "closed hand". Your character will be able to attack other players, using both target and area spells.
Be aware! This setting increases the risk of accidentally attacking or gaining a "frag" or "RS" while leveling.

PvP Mode OFF (Recommended): When PvP mode is deactivated, you'll see an icon of an "open hand" Your character won't be able to attack other players, using neither target nor area spells. This setting ensures 100% certainty that you won't accidentally attack or gain a "frag" or "RS" while leveling.

So, Open Hand = PVP OFF, Closed Hand = PVP ON
5) Automatic Loot
In the Target tab, set up automatic loot collection: Choose What to Loot: If you want your bot to gather loot from specific monsters like Shiny Scarab

Drag your backpack into the "Containers for loot" section. Select specific items you want to loot, such as farm coins, and drag them into the "Items to loot" area.
From now on, your character will automatically open the monsters you've slain. The chosen items will be gathered straight into your backpack.

6) Setting your path
With this function you'll be able to record a cycle of actions or just a path to move around.
Open the "Cave"tab. Click “add” as usual, and then type in any name for the cycle (mine is "Frankenstein").
Select “Show waypoints editor” to expand the full list of settings. We recommend clicking directly on the “Auto Recording” button and walking through the chosen area. The path will be recorded automatically.
To activate the recorded cycle just select your path and switch the button to On.

Welcome, Lord Darel!
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