Jun 28 2022
New system released that can help you to drastically increase the damage in pvp. Check it out on the Netunia Wiki page: Dealer System
Jun 23 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. In game check it using command !events and !chest
Jun 08 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. In game check it using command !events and !chest
May 14 2022
Now it is possible to obtain addon dolls by doing daily tasks. For more information, check our wiki page: how to get addons
May 13 2022
New version of client released for upcoming updates. If you use OTClient just restart to update. If you use classic client you need to download the latest version on the website.
How to get addons

So you are interested in getting an addon for your outfit, right? I'll show you how!

1. Go to Iceland and ask to Tasker NPC for a Daily Task.
2. When you complete a Daily Task, you get an Addon Doll Bag.
3. Open your bag and you'll randomly receive an Addon Doll Part.

Addon Doll Bag

Random Addon Doll Part

All daily tasks for 120 resets or more rewards you with an Addon Doll Bag.
You'll only start getting it in the Abbadon daily task (120 resets) and next daily tasks.
This quest is not limited to master vip players. If you are not one, you can get it from:
Fenrir daily task (170 resets) and Basilisk daily task (220 resets).

Addon Doll Full

There are in total 6 different Addon Doll Parts.
When you get it all, bring them to Addoner NPC, he's always around there in Ireland.
He will gladly do his job, getting all together and giving you back that so desired Addon Doll Full.

Now you have the item Addon Doll Full in hands! Don't forget to use the command:
!addon + outfit name So you can get a complete addon of any outfit you have.

If you are struggling to get a specific Addon Doll Part,
I advise you to trade with a friend, maybe, why not?!

"Hey wanna trade doll?"

...or you can just sell it at the Offline Trader section!

Welcome, Fumekito!
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