Jan 25 2022
Highscore page has a new design and added a function to search characters.
Jan 19 2022
Active events from January 19 to January 25: Skills and Magic rate 500x / Double gain of online tokens. / Since we removed the skill cap to define the new highscores, this week event skill rates is 500x.
Jan 14 2022
Character profile has a new design. Emblems system coming soon.
Jan 14 2022
Major Updated part 1/3 released. In game use the command !update for more informations.

Guild: Testigos de Escadios

Rank: Name: Status:
DiosEscaanor Offline
PastorKatniss Offline
PastorLily Offline
PastorRolls Royce Offline
PredicadorArrow Dart Offline
PredicadorCabecita Offline
PredicadorChaco Offline
PredicadorDarusneto Offline
PredicadorEl Cabron Offline
PredicadorEminem Offline
PredicadorEspartaco Offline
PredicadorJiraiya Offline
PredicadorKennys Offline
PredicadorKenshin Offline
PredicadorKodo Offline
PredicadorLebron Offline
PredicadorMachete Offline
PredicadorManning Offline
PredicadorMazda Tres Offline
PredicadorProfugo Offline
PredicadorRagde Offline
PredicadorSam Lord Offline
PredicadorTomii Offline
PredicadorYukie Offline
PredicadorYukina Offline

Invited characters