Jan 25 2022
Highscore page has a new design and added a function to search characters.
Jan 19 2022
Active events from January 19 to January 25: Skills and Magic rate 500x / Double gain of online tokens. / Since we removed the skill cap to define the new highscores, this week event skill rates is 500x.
Jan 14 2022
Character profile has a new design. Emblems system coming soon.
Jan 14 2022
Major Updated part 1/3 released. In game use the command !update for more informations.

Guild: Hardcoremania


Rank: Name: Status:
GENERALVladimirp Online
CORONELHarders Offline
CORONELHardking Offline
CORONELHardyb Offline
CORONELMata Bots Offline
CORONELToma Vladi Offline
SARGENTOAfroditasor Offline
SARGENTOAlxro Offline
SARGENTOApolo Sorc Offline
SARGENTOAres Pally Offline
SARGENTOArtemisaso Offline
SARGENTOAtenea Sorc Offline
SARGENTOBaboneitor Offline
SARGENTOByebye Offline
SARGENTOCopperfield Offline
SARGENTODai Vernon Offline
SARGENTODanihark Offline
SARGENTODeciimo Offline
SARGENTOEroos Offline
SARGENTOFucksystem Offline
SARGENTOGladiiator Offline
SARGENTOHardmaniaco Offline
SARGENTOHardpally Offline
SARGENTOHardpker Offline
SARGENTOHardypally Offline
SARGENTOHarry Drake Offline
SARGENTOHefestosorc Offline
SARGENTOHera Pally Offline
SARGENTOHermespa Offline
SARGENTOMcbabohard Offline
SARGENTONoqueno Offline
SARGENTOOzzzyos Offline
SARGENTOPoseidonpa Offline
SARGENTORandi Dan Offline
SARGENTOSaxton Pope Offline
SARGENTOSeido Offline
SARGENTOSeiketsu Offline
SARGENTOSeiri Offline
SARGENTOSeishoo Offline
SARGENTOSeiso Offline
SARGENTOSeiton Offline
SARGENTOShikari Offline
SARGENTOShitsuke Offline
SARGENTOShitsukoku Offline
SARGENTOStutzman Offline
SARGENTOSystemoff Offline
SARGENTOToma Offline
SARGENTOTomah Offline
SARGENTOTomahar Offline
SARGENTOTomahard Offline
SARGENTOTomahardd Offline
SARGENTOTomaharddd Offline
SARGENTOTomahardddd Offline
SARGENTOTomate Hard Offline
SARGENTOTomatehard Offline
SARGENTOTomatinhard Offline
SARGENTOWannadie Offline
SARGENTOZeus Pally Offline
SARGENTOZeuus Offline