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Experience Bonus

There are ways to get more experience by defeating monsters in the game;
these ways involve VIP's and potions of experience.

The table below shows the percentage of extra experience you can achieve by using each type of item.
You can also consume the items together which increases the total bonus of experience.

You can use the command !rates to check your character's experience rate.

Exp Potion

Basic VIP

Master VIP

All together

Experience bonus
Experience bonus
Experience bonus
Experience bonus
Stubborn Resets:2124
Escaanor Resets:2047
Sir Anthony Resets:1991
Yuka Resets:1852
Catire Resets:1720
Kalzeta Resets:1647
Arsenalozi Resets:1507
Antraxion Resets:1465
Yurick Resets:1426
Mcdharihus Resets:1418