01 March 2021  Double experience event is active until march 8th.
01 October 2020  Netunia has a new host server much more optimized and stable.
There are 21296 characters on 15573 accounts who play on Netunia! Join them today!
IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Netunia 8.60
Welcome to our newest player: Elitediablo
07 February 2020 by GOD Void -

Netunia is a mmorpg based on game Tibia.
Read our Wiki Page to learn more about the server.

Dany Rand Resets:1913
Stubborn Resets:1896
Escaanor Resets:1891
Catire Resets:1541
Yuka Resets:1496
Antraxion Resets:1438
Yurick Resets:1407
Kalzeta Resets:1406
Arsenalozi Resets:1354
Mcdharihus Resets:1339