Jan 25 2022
Highscore page has a new design and added a function to search characters.
Jan 19 2022
Active events from January 19 to January 25: Skills and Magic rate 500x / Double gain of online tokens. / Since we removed the skill cap to define the new highscores, this week event skill rates is 500x.
Jan 14 2022
Character profile has a new design. Emblems system coming soon.
Jan 14 2022
Major Updated part 1/3 released. In game use the command !update for more informations.
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Feb 07 2020
Welcome to Netunia!

Netunia is a world of Canob this otserv is online since may 2018 without server reset. 
We are a full custom otserv with features you've never seen on another server. Hope you enjoy!